Doug & Todd on NatGeo’s Forage Wars

For all you predawn TV watchers:

Doug and Todd Elliott are featured on the National Geographic reality TV show, Forage Wars, Thursday, June 19.  It should be hilarious, especially if you are a forager.  And they gave us a prime-time slot:  5 AM ET !

There are a couple of trailers to the show on this link:

National Geographic Channel - Forage Wars Pilot

Happy foraging.   Doug

6 thoughts on “Doug & Todd on NatGeo’s Forage Wars

  1. Doug,

    What a riot! I’m dying to see you in this. Not sure I’ll be getting up at 2am to do it. Any other way to see this?

    How in the world did you get mixed up in this anyway?



  2. Doug and Todd, saw you on Forage Wars-can’t say I like the title and the emphasis on competition but I learned some things. You guys did a good job-too bad the ‘shroomers got lucky. Keep eatin’ them weeds. George from connecticut

  3. I watched it. You guys were great! The Canadians didn’t stand a chance. The mushroom experts really knew their stuff.

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